1: Establishing a positive climate for learning

Time commitment

  • 5 hours of self-study materials
  • 6 x 1-hour mentor sessions
  • 3 hours of training sessions

Why this, why now?

Getting the culture right in your classroom from the outset is a vital part of making sure your pupils learn. This Block will cover the ways in which you can actively create a positive, productive and efficient learning environment. There will be a strong emphasis on how you manage behaviour; once you secure this, you will be able to refine your practice in other areas. You will explore how you can establish your own routines and expectations, using your school policy to help you. The importance of building relationships will also be covered. Pupils need to feel that they are in safe hands, to believe that their feelings will be considered and understood. You will explore how you can develop a culture of respect and trust in the classroom.

Your workload

Managing low-level disruption and implementing a behaviour policy can increase your workload and feel like a lot of pressure. Learning how to create a positive climate for learning in this Block will support you with your workload by:

  • Helping you make your expectations of pupils clear to reduce low-level disruption.
  • Supporting you in teaching and embedding routines and rules to reduce the need for behaviour interventions.
  • Teaching you how to use the least invasive behaviour strategies to avoid escalating behaviour incidents unnecessarily.

Activities in this Block