6.6: Observations

Time allocation

60 minutes (you should spend 45 minutes observing or being observed and 15 minutes on this activity).


  • Use this time to plan and carry out observations or be observed by colleagues.
  • Observations need only be for a small part of a lesson and should focus on specific aspects of classroom practice.
  • Use the form below to record the key things you observed.
  • Record what you plan to do yourself in your practice as a result.
  • You, your mentor and your colleagues can use the adaptable observation handout (PDF) to make notes on the observation.
  • You could use video to carry out your observations. Videoing your lessons gives you the opportunity to review what is happening in your classroom and see for yourself which strategies are most effective. You can share the video with your mentor.

In your notepad

Mentor session Focus of observation Who was observed? What happened?
2 How pupils respond to teachers’ behaviours
4 How teaching assistants and teachers work effectively together
  1. What have you learned from these observations?
  2. What ideas will you carry on using or try out in your practice?