Self-directed study materials


Across the two years, ECTs will work through 12 Blocks in total, one per half term. Each Block has been designed based on international best practice of effective professional development, and includes interactive self-study materials that explain the research behind the Early Career Framework and give exemplifications of what this looks like in the classroom. There is also protected time in Year 1 as part of these materials to observe colleagues and to be observed. 

Each Block provides ECTs with the time to:

  • Learn the content from the Early Career Framework
  • Put the learning into practice with suggestions for classroom practice
  • Reflect on their professional and personal development

For more information on the programme structure and suggestions on well-being and workload, see the Overview of the Core Induction Programme (PDF)

Year 1


Year 1 is an introduction to the key themes and statements in the Early Career Framework. The focus is on helping Early Career Teachers (ECTs) to establish themselves in the classroom, drawing on the best international evidence for what works in education. ECTs will work on core principles and techniques of effective teaching, including lesson planning, expositions, assessment, feedback and managing behaviour. Throughout each Block (module) they will find practical, accessible self-study activities to support their development. These will be further supplemented by regular sessions with their Mentor and training sessions led by an expert practitioner. These sessions are designed to support ECTs to translate the research into their classroom, with opportunities to discuss research, observe colleagues, practise new techniques and reflect on their progress and next steps.

Year 2

Note: There are no self-directed study materials for Block 12


The structure of the Blocks in Year 2 replicates that of Year 1. Any remaining statements from the Early Career Framework will be covered, and many of the same themes from Year 1 will be revisited in greater depth to strengthen and further ECTs’ practice. During Year 2, the focus is on mastering key ideas in the Early Career Framework. ECTs will be encouraged to reflect on the links between themes, in the light of their increasing knowledge and developing practice. They will continue to work with their Mentor to reflect on the progress they have made, and by the end of the year they will identify future opportunities for development or specialisation for the next stage of their career. Training sessions provide additional support and access to a supportive peer network of other Early Career Teachers.