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Welcome to Education Development Trust’s Core Induction Programme.

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The core induction programmes published here have been made available a year ahead of schedule so that the maximum number of newly qualified teachers can benefit from the support the Early Career Framework (ECF) provides.

In order to make them available for early use, we have released these materials in a slightly different format, and you should use them in the way that benefits you the most. Early career teachers may not yet be able to take part in face-to-face training or have a dedicated mentor, which will be part of the structured programme offered from September 2021. Using the materials as a tool for self-study may therefore be most beneficial. Other schools may choose to use the resources as a base to introduce their own programme of support and development for their early career teachers.

Some of the videos and audio files referenced in the courses are being finalised and will be included in further versions of the documents as part as full roll out of the scheme in 2021. Where it has not been possible to include them, suppliers have provided scripts or filming briefs.

Early Career Teachers

Over our carefully sequenced two-year Programme, Early Career Teachers (ECTs) will:

  • build a strong understanding of the content of the Early Career Framework
  • explore the evidence behind education research and implications for classroom teachers
  • develop their teaching through practical ideas and exemplifications of the research in practice
  • reflect on their development, identify areas of strength and areas for improvement supported by a fully trained Mentor
  • engage in collaborative learning, sharing of best practice and expert challenge with a community of other Early Career Teachers
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The following materials are provided for mentors.

View available Mentor materials

ECF leads

The following materials are provided for ECF leads.


When the Early Career Framework reforms are launched nationally in 2021, the Full Induction Programmes will include face-to-face training. Schools who choose to use the Core Induction Programme will design and deliver the early career teacher and mentor training themselves. For those schools, we are including training outlines with this release which give guidance on what should be covered in the early career teacher training.